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Centrally located in Palm Springs, CA

Palm springs is one of the most attractive destination spots in which to retire. Palm Springs is a small city with roughly 45,000 residents, more than 25 percent are older than 65. Seniors move to this area of Southern California not only because of its abundance of outdoor and cultural activities, but because the weather is mild year-round. Palm Springs has more than 350 days a year of sunny weather. Temperatures range from the mid- 70s during the winter to tuple digits during the summer. For those used to frigid, snow winters, Palm Springs is a welcome change.


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City of Stardom

Because of Palm Springs location and proximity to the Los Angeles area, Palm Springs is a haven for retired celebrities. Over the years, this area of Southern California was home to Bob Hope, former President Gerald Ford, Walt Disney, Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Loretta Young, Dean Martin, and man more. Of course, it pays to have this type of stardom in your backyard.


Relax and Retire

Palm Springs offers seniors a chance to relax when they retire. Even in out Leisure Living facility, residents still have a change to get out and enjoy everything the city has to offer from great parks, enjoyable weather (most of the year) and a diverse amount of cultural activities from food festivals to art shows to golf tournaments.